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ATD-Filling Equipment

In order to function, the ATD-Tube must contain the appropriate charge of CO2 corresponding to it´s size and volume. Depending on the different requirements of the plants, ATD developed three different type of Filling Equipments. In combination with the ATD-Vice Spanner, packing and refilling of the Tubes just takes a few minutes.

The ATD-Filling Pump FP 360 is using a special liquid pump to fill the CO2 directly into the ATD-Tube.

The ATD-Filling Apparatus FG IV operates by alternately filling and releasing the gaseous CO2. It uses the principle of refrigeration of expanding gases to charge the cooled ATD-Tube with the prescribed weight of CO2.

The ATD-Filling Machine FM/V8 operates on the principle of compression an refrigeration. In the Filling Machine, the CO2 of the bottle will be relaxed, cooled, compressed and finally fed into the ATD-Tube.

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