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More then fifty years

is a long time to be on the job; but that is how long the ATD-Pressure Gas System is specialized in the removal of build-up and cross-sectional obstructions in a wide range of industrial applications. Experience like this teaches you important things. That is how ATD have been able to continually develop new products, new procedures and safety features to make the ATD-System the safest, most reliable and most effective system of its kind world-wide.

24 hours a day

seven days a week our clients have to keep their material moving. But: at every stage of their operation, build-up and chokes can shut them down. Changing raw material conditions and the rising amount of secondary fuel components are leading to more unwanted deposits and build-up. Productions losses and downtimes can be the expensive consequences.

The ATD-Pressure Gas System 

is especially engineered to reach the requirements for its use during the production with none or minimum shut-down time and feeding reduction; it offers the online-removing of build-up under heat.

Regardless where the problems are located: 

rotary kilns, furnace flues, waste incinerators, cupolas and their peripheries as pre-heater towers, Lepol grates, cyclones, feed pipes, coolers and storage facilities.

In all those areas 

the ATD-Pressure Gas System offers counting advantages for the benefit of each Cement producer:



  • powerful, fully controlled capacity of the ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes suited to the special requirements of the plant


  • build-up removal within minutes by using ATD-Tubes "ready for action"


  • by easy placing of Bases ATD to react on changing build-up conditions


  • well-aimed "blasts" only where the build-up really occurs


  • dramatically enhanced safety by working from outside the plant without the risks of opening all the doors and poking holes that expose the workers to the hot material
  • precisely definition of the capacity and effect of the ATD-Tubes
  • no damaging of the plant by using safety distances to the refractory
  • exclusive use of controlled and authorized equipments by the valid laws and regulations
  • to be used by well trained operators through experienced ATD-crew members according clear Operating Instructions.



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